Progressive Axis Training – Cyr Wheel Teacher Certification comes to SF! Nov 14-16, 2017

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Circus Connections is thrilled to be the first Cyr Training facility to offer the full PAT Certification program with Sam Tribble!

The level 1 training course will be held on November 14-16, 2017!

Read on to learn the importance of teacher certification and the benefits to your school when offering classes with PAT-certified instructors! Click here to sign up now before we fill up!

Progressive Axis Training™ (PAT) is a systematic approach to learning and teaching the performance art of Cyr wheel.

The PAT technique™ was developed by former elite gymnast and performing Cyr artist Sam Tribble. Sam unanimously became the 1st USA Worlds Team Coach for Cyr as his company members both male and female, dominated the worlds team spots in 2013 and 2015.

Progressive Axis Training™ is a unique and effective teaching model that keeps basic health and fitness at its root by developing balance and symmetry at the onset of learning. PAT technique is unique in several ways:

1. Systematically introduce starting positions which are gateways to learning higher level skills

2. Integrates a comprehensive set of wheel manipulations cohesively throughout each session

3. Identifies center of balance in a “home” position, then defines the “long and short” axes of the two basic steps and continues to apply this methodology to advance skills. By identifying these reference points, athletes learn to seamlessly accomplish whole movements in days or even hours – instead of months to years

4. Rooted in science – including the laws of physics, angular momentum, centripetal energy, centrifugal force and conservation of energy and biomechanics – which guides our natural tendencies towards successful movements

At Circus Connections, we guarantee a safe and fun learning environment – this all begins with safety and teaching certifications. The certification processes provide a foundation for student safety. This mitigates risks to the school by reducing lawsuits and may lower insurance costs. It limits risks to students in the form of injury prevention and body preservation – lengthening careers and improving experience as a student & performer.

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