About Us

Welcome to Circus Connections!

Circus Connections, founded by Lila Bee, is designed with the performer in mind. Whether you are just starting out on your Circus journey, or have been performing for years, you will find a safe and adventure-filled home at Circus Connections!

What makes Circus Connections unique is our dedication to provide the highest-level instructors and ensure your training experience is exemplary! We are breaking the mold of circus performing in the bay area.

At Circus Connections, we guarantee a safe and fun learning environment with unique workshop, course and class experiences not found at any other school in the area.

We look forward to sharing all things Circus with you!

Our Staff

Lila Bee (Dr. Lila, D.C.), Owner

Cyr Wheel, Tumbling, Trampoline, Flexibility

Dr. Lila has opened and grown a successful Chiropractic and Massage Office in the Excelsior District of San Francisco, CA over the last three years – Connection Chiropractic. As the office continues to grow, Dr. Lila finds herself yearning for more active time. Dr. Lila began gymnastics and dance training at 3 years old, and has never stopped moving her body. With 15 years of gymnastics coaching experience, 5 years of Circus training in various apparatuses, and 19 years of active professional coaching membership with USA-Gymnastics, Dr. Lila is excited to announce the opening of Circus Connections – an extensive training program in the Circus Arts. Through her involvement in these organizations and through her work experience, Dr. Lila has come to a clear vision of how Circus Connections will rapidly transform into the premier Professional Circus School in the Bay Area.

Our Guest Instructors

Leslie Tipton

Hand-balancing, Contortion, Flexibility

Leslie is one of the BEST handstand and contortion teachers in the Bay Area – she teaches some of the most sought after contortionists out of San Francisco and Northern California.
Leslie Tipton has 40 years of acrobatic experience. Leslie trained with renowned coaches Master Lu Yi, Kong Hong Wen, and Vladimir Nazarov. During her 20 years performing as a professional contortionist, Leslie earned three Guinness World Records, performed with companies such as Cirque Eloize and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, and appeared in film and television.
In 1997, Leslie began sharing her love of acrobatics with others through coaching. She currently teaches hand balancing, contortion, and flexibility with a focus on technique and being present in the body.

Sam Tribble

Progressive Axis Training (PAT – Cyr instructor training), Cyr Wheel, Partner Acrobatics, Tumbling, Trampoline, Calisthenics, Cyr Creations (group Cyr performance)

The dream is to have a balance of physical activity, inner peace and intellectual truth of your purpose.  By setting the right goals, acheivment perpetuates motivation. Your journey has begun and your living your dream.

After a successful collegiate gymnastics career, Sam went on to produce numerous State & Regional champions including National competitive teams over a 16 year course of running Giants Gymnastics in Southern California.  Since then, Sam has gone on to train countless professional and aspiring athletes to achieve their goals, and reach levels they previously thought were impossible for themselves!

Sam Tribble has over 40 years of coaching experience and has been traveling internationally, performing, teaching calesthenics and certifying other professionals in his proven methodology for the art of Cyr.