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Current Class & Workshop Offerings

Check our Class Schedule or Course Schedule (for workshops and series) for updates and changes!
Occasionally we have to cancel classes for events or travel, so sign up for classes ahead of time to be sure you don’t miss out!

** Unless otherwise noted, all classes are for Adults and teens over 12 years old.**

Cyr Wheel Level 1 (Beginner)

Go for your first spin, then continue to master the basics. This is the class to start your Cyr Wheel experience in! Using Progressive Axis Training Technique, students will learn all the skills necessary to accelerate their learning on this fun and exciting apparatus!

Cyr Wheel Level 2 & 3

Once you master the basics in level 1, get proficient with your waltz and other more advanced skills! Using Progressive Axis Training Technique, students will continue learning skill progressions and ground basics to master the Cyr Wheel!

Cyr Wheel for kids (ages 6-12)

Kids love the Cyr Wheel as much as adults do! Let them join in the fun with their customized class, complete with tumbling and movement built into the curriculum to keep the kiddos active through the whole class!

Handstands with Leslie Tipton

Get upside-down with us! Whether you are just learning handstands or you have been doing them for years – this class is for you!  Create good training habits and learn new skills with an absolutely amazing teacher. All levels welcome. Space is limited, so sign up early to secure your spot!

Open Spin

These are our Open Cyr Wheel training times. Come work on all the things you learned in class, and lock in all of the skills! Practicing a minimum of 2x/week exponentially increases your learning speed. So, get in for open training and learn as quickly as possible!

Open Gym

These are our all-discipline Open training times. Come work on all things circus and acrobatic: cyr wheel, tumbling, trampoline, handstands, contortion, cheerleading, stunting, partner acrobatics, juggling and more. Use our 24′ ceilings and open space to get your acrobatic fix!

Tumbling & Trampoline

From basics to advanced skills, come get upside down, flip, and spin with us! All levels welcome! We have a competition trampoline, a sprung floor throughout the space, and all the skills mats you need to master your dream tumbling skills!


From basics and beyond, learn how to relax into stretching and open up space in your joints to keep you active and moving effectively through all your activities!

$5 Juggling Nights

Get your juggle on – Monday night juggling jam. Learn from each other, find partners to pass with… and just have all the juggling fun!

Upcoming Workshops and Courses!

See detailed descriptions of workshops and courses below. Or just go and sign up – look at “Courses” for 4-week sessions and “Classes” for drop-in options!

Intermediate & Advanced Cyr Wheel Intensives

2 days of training for 3 hours each day – $175

Check our Courses Schedule for Dates & Times

Pre-Requisites: Students must be proficient in the waltz (at least 30-seconds).

Juggling Workshops with Tim Kelly

3 hours of the most effective juggling training out there! Learn the skills along with the training techniques needed to get master harder tricks than you ever thought possible! All ages and levels welcome! – $85

Check our Courses Schedule for Dates & Times